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Francesco Giunta giunta.francesco at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 19:34:24 UTC 2015

Hi everyone, I'm Francesco, a volunteer of a small NGO based in Italy that
work in west Africa (www.rasmataonlus.org).
In 2015 our goal is to make an OSM based map of water wells in the region
of our project and after that, drill one water well.

I would like to do:

   - search Open Data useful in web (Existing water wells, healt
   structures, schools, ...) from different sources as institutional web sites
   NGO web sites etc.
   - put those data in OSM
   - generate a leaflet map of this selected Data and make some useful
   - make a ground mapping campaign of our project region following OSM/HOT
   - correct and improver the map of the area object of the project
   - share work flow method hoping some other NGO will do it in another
   area and others after... until having a useful map of water wells (and
   other useful markers as hospitals, etc.)

I'm not geographer and my computer/coding skill is very very elementary. I
think is a good idea to share my project with HOT community and any info it
will be a great help.

Thank you for your time, Francesco
Francesco Giunta
giunta.francesco at gmail.com

skype: giunta.francesco
cell: +39 339 3793 821

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