[HOT] Tasking Manager Long Term Priorities and Planning

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 14:09:27 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

The Technology Working Group would like to start an email discussion or 
a few discussions about what people who use the HOT Tasking Manager 
think should be the primary focus areas for development going forward.

Activation Coordinators and people who create/manage/run Projects using 
the Tasking Manager are especially encouraged to participate. Please, 
please help us by letting us know what is working for you and what needs 
improvement or needs to be added.

This will hopefully be an ongoing dialog. There is no time limit or cutoff.

We will also have a "live" Tasking Manager Planning meeting in 1 week, 
Monday, March 2nd at 16:00 UTC via HOT Mumble server and everyone is 
invited to attend.

So please share your ideas and requests and why you want some changes. 
What works and what does not. You can do it several ways:

1. Join the Tech Working Group email discussion list. This will be the 
primary place we would like to have the discussions.


For the next week or two anyone can post without being a member of the 
group or having a gmail address, so there is no reason not to stop by 
and post a message with your thoughts about the Tasking Manager.

You can also join the group so you can stay in the conversation as I am 
sure there will be follow up questions. Please join the group if you are 
interested in the development of the Tasking Manager.

2. Post a bug, feature request or comment on an existing issue in the 
Tasking Manager Github website:


I am pretty sure you will need a github account for that, but they are 
good, no spam, so don't worry about making an account

3. You can reply to me directly and I will make sure your 
issue/suggestion/complaint gets brought up to the Tech Working Group.

The Tech Working Group really wants to build the best tools possible to 
support HOT's work and we can only do that with feedback from the HOT 
community that use the tools. Please help us all out and share your 

HOT mapper and Tech WG participant

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