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Hi Mike,


Actually yes, several HOTties (that I know of) have done radio and other new interviews over the last several years and probably many more that I don’t know about.  Not sure all ‘the good ones’ are all linked, but a good place to do so is: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Hot#HOT_in_the_Media 


I also heard Steve’s interview and thought it was great, but as you probably noticed the interviewer was driving the conversation (as well as getting random callers to ask questions, which I thought Steve did a wonderful job not knowing what might be asked).  But, for now, the communication wg is more about helping us (HOT) drive the conversation, on that same wiki-page linked above (our main one) there are also slide-share and other material for anyone looking to build a TED talk type presentation – although I don’t think anyone has actually done an actual TED talk about HOT or even OSM for that matter. But at least Kate and myself in the working group have done presentations about HOT before, so we’d be happy to help folks prepare and/or look for opportunities although the wg priorities are first just setting up some basic groundwork for communication in general.


Thanks for the input!



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These all sound like great ideas.


Is there a concerted effort to get information about HOT into traditional media (radio, TV, etc).  Some of you may have heard Steve Coast being interviewed on NPR last Friday about OSM in general, and a similar piece about HOT may be very helpful (perhaps this has already been done).  I did read the piece in the Economist about HOT and the ebola response, and that was very well done.


Has anyone ever given a TED talk about HOT?


Service clubs, such as Rotary, are always looking for interesting speakers. I am signed up to speak to two clubs in March about OSM and HOT. One may only reach 30 people at at time, but every little bit helps! Typically members of these clubs are community leaders, and can help spread the story once they hear it.








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Hello everyone,


In the past few meetings of the communications working group, one of the topics has been how we can help the HOT community tell their stories, and we came up with a few ways:


1.      We can help get information about HOT, its members, projects and activations out through the different "channels" we participate in. Places like our email lists, Twitter, Facebook, the HOT website, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.

·        We know people are busy, so we would like to encourage anyone with news, announcements, updates, requests, pictures, etc. to send them to the communications wg; we have people who administrate each channel and we will make sure your items get formatted and reflected out across all the appropriate channels. Try it, it's cool, send us something at communications at hotosm.org  

2.      We can help generate content about your HOT activities. Don't have time or don't feel comfortable writing an update or project description to share with the world? Send us a short email and let us know! Someone from the Communications WG will work with you to create, edit, and/or publish your story to the channels listed above.

3.      We can also provide editing and review. We are glad to just give your item a review for basic corrections.


How can you help us?

·        We need writers! Our community around the world has a lot of things to share and we could always use more people to help tell their stories.  This is a great way to contribute to HOT and get some practical public relations experience. We have story ideas just waiting for someone to take  them up and run with them.


So the short version is: Please engage with us, send us things you want shared with the HOT community or help us tell stories and engage various audiences by joining our working group!


communications at hotosm.org 



Russ, Blake and all the communication working group

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