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Anders Anker-Rasch anders at anker-rasch.no
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I'm surprised that a TED-talk about HOT, or MissingMaps for that matter,
hasn't been done already. Definitely about time to draw more attention to
the worldwide effort. The smaller TEDx (independently organized events)
should be targeted with presentations, as they are probably easier to get

I do short presentations about the concept of HOT / MissingMaps
every 14 days now for our group of Engineers Without Borders, and the
potential for growth in both supporters and new mappers are enormous.

mvh/best regards,
Anders Anker-Rasch
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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2015
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Actually yes, several HOTties (that I know of) have done radio and
other new interviews over the last several years and probably many more
that I don't know about. Not sure all 'the good ones' are all linked, but a
good place to do so is:
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Hot#HOT_in_the_Media [6] 

I also heard
Steve's interview and thought it was great, but as you probably noticed the
interviewer was driving the conversation (as well as getting random callers
to ask questions, which I thought Steve did a wonderful job not knowing
what might be asked). But, for now, the communication wg is more about
helping us (HOT) drive the conversation, on that same wiki-page linked
above (our main one) there are also slide-share and other material for
anyone looking to build a TED talk type presentation - although I don't
think anyone has actually done an actual TED talk about HOT or even OSM for
that matter. But at least Kate and myself in the working group have done
presentations about HOT before, so we'd be happy to help folks prepare
and/or look for opportunities although the wg priorities are first just
setting up some basic groundwork for communication in general.

Thanks for
the input!


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