[HOT] Blog post on the mapping to support Support the Disaster Response in Malawi Flooding (Severin Menard)

Kretzer kretzer at gmx.net
Fri Feb 27 14:07:25 UTC 2015

Thanks, interesting post!

Will the mapping be evaluated by the local volunteers? I guess there is some cleaning needed, and a lot of decisions can't really be made from the aerial imagery. Like the classification of the roads, for example, or often you can't tell if something is really a building, or if its used for living (more so, where the imagery is not so clear).

I quite unsure how to handle the buildings that were tagged as nodes. Sometimes I could see to which buildings they belonged I included the node in the building outline, so that the tag information wasn't lost (I hope this the correct way of doing this ...). Often this is impossible, though, as there are lots of small buildings, often blurred, and lots of nodes. But if the outlines are added, many buildings would be counted twice. So is it best to do nothing where the survey was done on the ground and only ad buildings outside the tagged areas?
This is the first time I have done this, so maybe I'm overly confused ...

Also it would be very useful to see the date when the images were taken, so we could tell e.g. which is the newer iamge, where more than one is available. Is that technically possible? (the BING images say (C)2015, but I'm not sure that means the photos were actually taken in in 2015).

With the Help of Charlotte, Cristiano and Blake, I published on the HOT
website this blog post presenting an overview of both the disaster and the
OSM mapping to support the response with pictures provided by the HOT
interns in Malawi There are two ongoing Tasking Manager jobs, one almost
done and the other one just starting. Please read, join and contribute!

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