[HOT] West Africa Ebola Response after 11 months, 15 millions edits

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Fri Feb 27 22:08:34 UTC 2015

Some update after 11 months of OpenStreetMap Response to the West Africa Ebola outbreak.
Pascal Neis map shows has of today, more then 15 millions of objects edited (ie points, lines, relations). The zone covered goes from Bamako the the Atlantic ocean (900 km) and from the Ivory coast border to the Guinée-Bissau border (800 km). Impressive support from the OSM community. Thanks to all.  Excellent collaboration also with many partners, conjointly working to provide a detailed and accurate map to respond to this quite challenging outbreak and support the best we can the logistic of the humanitarian organizations in the field.
 See Pascal Neis Ebola maphttp://t.co/qnO2pOWfbd
As the number of ebola cases goes down, the UNMEER and other UN agencies, MSF, Federation of Red Cross, Red Crescent, Nethope, etc. are working to rebuild the health system,  assure that better sanitation conditions are available and distribute goods to the population dispersed in remote areas.

Both to manage such a huge territory and have the thousand of volunteers visit the villages and distribute goods, maps are an essential part.
The present actions are less spectacular, less covered by the medias. But there is still a lot of work going on. There are many GIS on the ground supporting the logistic of the various organizations. Andrew and I are still collaborating to this UNMEER operation and are in contact with the various actors through Skype. 

Behind the scene, there are also many collaborators from HOT, OSM and various organizations doing various actions such as imagery processing, validation, documentation / learning material, development.  The various GIS specialists also collaborate in various ways to update the OSM database. For example, there was work done recently to update the information about roads condition to support the Drive time analysis.

Below are few examples of visualisations using the OSM basemap.UNMEER Liberia http://www.unmeer-im-liberia.website/unmeer-gims-web-map-app
WHO Drive Time Analysis tool http://maps.who.int/networkanalysis/WHO Global Ebola Response Monitoring and Mapping System http://maps.who.int/MapGallery/ WHO Roadmap http://maps.who.int/mapjournal/?appid=0ad091b7cb7e404dbf35f7c49ee4c992HDX Ebola Depot https://data.hdx.rwlabs.org/ebola
Nethope visualisations http://informatics.nethope.org/Resudox Ebola Cellular program http://ebola-cellular-map.resudox.net/

I invite again the GIS from the various organizations to give us some examples that show how OpenStreetMap is useful in the field in various ways including paper maps, GPS, smartphones, tablets, GIS downloads.

regard Pierre 
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