[HOT] Updating/changing directions on exiting Projects

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 16:06:46 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Just 2 quick notes:

1. Because the description and instructions tab used to be the same and 
description was at the top, I see a number of projects that really put 
mapping instructions in the description field.

Now that the two tabs are separated, instructions are not showing up on 
the instructions tab because they are in the Description field.

If you have running projects, you might want to review them to make sure 
the instructions are in the Instructions fields.

If anyone would like me to check their projects and make sure the 
instructions are showing up in the Instructions tab just let me know I 
am glad to get it fixed up. Just send me an email and I'll be glad to do it.

2. If you change instructions on a project after it has started, please, 
please put in a line that says something like: "Instructions Updated 
Jan. 3, 2015" or whatever date you update them.

I have seen several instances where the instructions have changed 
significant so that tasks validated under the old instructions would no 
longer be validated under the new instructions. That leads to some 

But even less significant changes can lead to confusion for people 
trying to answer questions (ok, maybe it just confuses me ;)


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