[HOT] Mapping in Dhaka, Bangladesh!

althio althio althio.forum at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 10:48:42 UTC 2015

Hi Bouke Pieter,

I will try to answer and Jorieke may refine later on.

> For high (appartment)buildings I assume building=yes?

>From the instructions tab: map landmarks, large buildings, not small ones
building=yes for rectangular & round buildings - trace the building outline
building=construction for walls without a roof
[note: I assume more refinement are possible as in
building=residential or building=apartments but this is hard to tell
from imagery and not requested in this project]
[note 2: To Jorieke; maybe request additional tag for large buildings
otherwise they will not stand out if small buildings are ever traced.
Maybe height=* or building:levels=* even if it is approximate. Anyway
I think this is valid for any mapping: building=yes/residential +
building:levels=6..8..10..12 + source:building:levels=estimate from
[note 3: sometimes in other project, building=construction is not
encouraged because construction seen in imagery may well be finished
by now. So follow instructions project by project]

> Trees: natural=tree?

from the powerpoint: map BIG trees (because they are landmarks,
significant tree)
natural=tree [I assume]

> But how to do an open area? area=yes?

from the powerpoint: map open spaces
leisure=common [I assume, as usual practice for HOT]



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