[HOT] Mapping Northern Nigeria ?

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Hello Jeremy, Henning and all;


First, before getting to your main point; I do not believe we can use that imagery for OSM tracing without first obtaining permission from Amnesty International. The Imagery Asset Details shows the imagery is copyright DigitalGlobe with an agreement that it “Can be distributed to external organisations by AI for human rights work.” – i.e. AI must expressly distribute it to us. 


Regarding the question of if there is a planned project for this – not that I am aware of.  Not to discourage the idea, but one of the biggest deciding factors for HOT to make this an Activation is what the anticipated impact of devoting our resources will have.  In other words, is there a response on the ground that needs better maps; in this case it’s probably mostly a Nigerian government response, so I’m not sure they would even use OSM if we made the suggestion.  That’s why you’ll find a lot of our Activations originate from our relationships with partner organizations, i.e. we hear from Red Cross/Red Crescent or World Health Organization (as examples) that they’ll be sending people in the field and don’t have good maps, so activating ahead of them can have a real impact on their ability to provide aid.


That said, HOT tools are openly available to use for what we call “Humanitarian Mapping Projects”, which in theory anyone who is motivated to coordinate can just pick up and go.  So if there is some local OSM community member or HOT community member who thinks there is enough of a benefit to dedicate his or her time, we encourage you to jump on it.  As humanitarians I think we all welcome attempts to improve OSM anywhere there is crisis, natural or man-made, but as an organization we unfortunately have a finite amount of resources (mainly people).





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Hi Jeremy, Hi all,


i would also like to see such a task, be it only to spread information about this unfortunate conflict.




Henning        (aka user hebolz)





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After the attacks of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria this january, a similar reaction as in Gaza (mapping before/after with the help of appropriate aerial images) could be appropriate to help build a precise evaluation of the damages.

As a fairly new/unexperienced HOT contributor, I couldn't find any indication of such a project. Is it on track already, or is it planned ?

Some aerial images released from Amnesty International : https://adam.amnesty.org/asset-bank/action/search?attribute_603=Nigeria+Satellite+Images+January+2015



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