[HOT] Mapping Northern Nigeria ?

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Sérgio and all,


There is a tagging scheme for damage, described here:


And there is rendering of damaged/destroyed building in the Humanitarian
Tiles, well demonstrated here:
<http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/11.2451/124.9934&layers=H> &layers=H –
the buildings with either orange or red borders (damaged/destroyed).




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On devasted areas (by wars or natural catasptrophes):


Hi Jeremy, Pierre, Blake and mappers around,


I've been mapping around since Baga massacre have been reported, images on
OSM look very good enough in many areas of Northern Nigeria and Cameroun to
trace buildings or, at least, road network, alternatively using both sources
of images from Bing and Mapbox on iD (sure, better if can get more hi-res
images for the hole area).


Makes one glad to read people looking for helping to improve mapping in such


Thinking in devasted areas tagging, wouldn't it fit to map the real
situation if in demolished buildings it were just added a tag like


It's not hard to find those devasted areas and buildings by comparing the
images in OSM with recent publicly released satellite images. Guess it would
be a great help for humanitarian efforts related to destruction and
population displaced (I think also on tasks of Gaza, tsunamis, earthquakes
and similars situations).


In what Kevin Bullock said, is it confirmed that such satellite images of
devastation from Digital Globe released on newspapers, like by Amnesty
ellite+Images+January+2015), are free to use to map on OSM by "manual"


By the way, to represent reality and help the efforts of identification by
people using the map, what about if OSM renderize buildings tagged
"demolished=yes" to represent better that they actualy are demolished,
perhaps with only outline, or dotted, not shaded? (Anyway, remarking they
are different from standing buldings).  

Sorry if bad english.


What do you think?


Cheers, Sérgio


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