[HOT] Mapping Northern Nigeria ?

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Hi Rod,
I agree that that the tagging schema needs to be modified to conserve the building key values.
But we shouId concentrate on the BaseMap.  I suggest to those that want to help to assure that minimal infrastructure is provided for this area (ie. road network, village outbound boundaries - landuse=residential and village names. 
You can look at Bing or MapBox imagery to map as much as possible.

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 Hi all,
 The situation there will likely evolve. More destructions, more informal settlements from refugees, and (hopefully) ultimately rebuilding when things settle. 
 There might be an interest in keeping track of all these changes, and this can be done by looking at feature history or diffs on the OSM database between 2 dates.
 Are there easy means of doing so? (overpass "newer" queries may be limited from that respect).
 Aside from this, we can't be sure a change on-site is immediately followed by a change in the database (it can take time before we notice a house has been destroyed). Therefore a history tag could be added any time we have this information.
 Third, with tags for damaged or destroyed buildings, I feel there should be a deeper thinking. there is a habit putting things this way, e.g. building="damaged".
 I am not convinced this is the best possible practice. 
 Whether the building used to be building=hospital or building=warehouse... is an information that remains important even when it is destroyed or damaged. But the aforementioned practice wipes this information out.
 many people quickly search for buildings (building=*) with the idea they host people. But if no further attention is paid to those damaged/destroyed building (some may afford people in, some not), they might draw false conclusions (seek to bring relief to deserted areas...). We should at least communicate on the use of building=destroyed.
 However, to address points 3.1 and 3.2 I would rather suggest we avoid construction/destruction state as values of tag building. This should rather come with a separate tag like e.g. "condition" (or state_of_repair, etc.). We could then make a difference between a [building=hospital; condition=destroyed] and a [building=warehouse; condition=destroyed].
 your opinion?
 Best regards,
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 Thank you Michael, Blake, and Russell. I understand, wait for the availability of images of DG in OSM for identification of devastated buildings. Good to know that there was already this tag "building=damaged/collapsed" (and sad), it renders very informatively and solve it in just one tagging. Cheers, Sérgio.  
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