[HOT] Humanitarian Mapping for a class

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 19:32:47 UTC 2015

Oh very cool!

Thank you very much for considering us for your class :)

I know people have really good suggestions for your question, but the 
main consideration for me is judging or grading or evaluating based on 
the quality of mapping, not quantity.

I just spent several hours last week cleaning up after (probable) 
students who were probably graded based on quantity so mapped a lot of 
non existent stuff.

So I would say emphasis on good mapping is the key to really helping the 
students and OSM and HOT as a whole. It probably wouldn't hurt to add a 
tag to their changeset comments like #gis101 so we know it is part of 
your project if we find anything that we might help provide feedback on.

And please keep in touch.

Thank you again!


On 1/22/2015 7:53 PM, Mueller, Thomas wrote:
> Hello
> Hello, I have been working slowly trying to integrate humanitarian
> mapping into my classes and students’ education over the past couple of
> years .  I am a Geography professor, but I admit I am a jack of all
> trades master of none (as I teach crime mapping, demographic analysis,
> GIS, etc.)  I have tried several small projects– some successful and
> others not so successful.  This year in one of my upper level classes I
> have assigned a Humanitarian Mapping assignment.  The students will be
> working on the Mapping Kamrangirchar (Dhaka, Bangladesh).  I felt this
> was a good project for my students since there are quite a few
> structures that need to be mapped.    I am requesting that my students
> spend 30 minutes per week, every week mapping structures for this
> project.  Obviously this should not be a difficult for them, but I am
> hoping it will accomplish several objectives including:
> 1)Help map the area
> 2)Help the students understand how they can “donate” their time to help
> (within a topic in their field)
> 3)Hopefully this will become part of their routine so they will
> continue, etc.
> Also it will make sure that I donate my time too to this endeavor.
> I have one question – how is the best way for me to check that they have
> completed this assignment every week?  Should I have them copy and paste
> their history on to a Word Document?  Is there a better way?
> Hopefully if this project is successful, then I am hoping to integrate
> this assignment into more of my classes.
> Thank you for your time
> Tom Mueller
> Thomas R. Mueller, Ph.D., GISP
> *Advisor: Geography Major with GIS and Emergency Management Concentration*
> *Co - Director: Pennsylvania View**
> *Department of Earth Sciences, California University of Pennsylvania
> "A man never gets to this station in life without being helped, aided,
> shoved, pushed and prodded to do better." - Johnny Unitas
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