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Thank you to everyone.  These are all great comments and suggestions.  I am going to go through each email and build my worksheet.  I promise to share my work with the community.

Tom Mueller

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Hi Tom,
Glad to see you incorporating HOT into your geography classes. For starters, I'd suggest you take a look at some of the material we've compiled on the TeachOSM site[1] , which includes basic information on creating a workflow, grading & rubric, as well as some case studies. Secondly, I'd encourage you to subscribe to the TeachOSM mailing list[2] and post your query there where other educators are likely to see it. Lastly, you might talk to Nuala Cowen and Richard Hinton at George Washington University. Nuala and Richard have incorporated digitizing exercises for HOT in their classes and have a approach to making sure students complete the tasks without resorting to minimum time.


[1] http://teachosm.org/
[2] https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/teachosm

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Hello, I have been working slowly trying to integrate humanitarian mapping into my classes and students’ education over the past couple of years .  I am a Geography professor, but I admit I am a jack of all trades master of none (as I teach crime mapping, demographic analysis, GIS, etc.)  I have tried several small projects– some successful and others not so successful.  This year in one of my upper level classes I have assigned a Humanitarian Mapping assignment.  The students will be working on the Mapping Kamrangirchar (Dhaka, Bangladesh).  I felt this was a good project for my students since there are quite a few structures that need to be mapped.    I am requesting that my students spend 30 minutes per week, every week mapping structures for this project.  Obviously this should not be a difficult for them, but I am hoping it will accomplish several objectives including:

1)      Help map the area

2)      Help the students understand how they can “donate” their time to help (within a topic in their field)

3)      Hopefully this will become part of their routine so they will continue, etc.

Also it will make sure that I donate my time too to this endeavor.

I have one question – how is the best way for me to check that they have completed this assignment every week?  Should I have them copy and paste their history on to a Word Document?  Is there a better way?

Hopefully if this project is successful, then I am hoping to integrate this assignment into more of my classes.

Thank you for your time
Tom Mueller

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