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Mark Cupitt markcupitt at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 20:42:43 UTC 2015

Dear All

The Communications Working Group is pleased to announce that HOT now has a
presence on LinkedIn. The objective of this move is to further promote
HOT's work to the professional and business community world wide and
directly engage with people who may be interested in our activities.

We have two pages, a Company Page and a Discussion Group

The Company Page is designed to showcase HOT, what it is and highlight key
activities that HOT undertakes.

The company page is at


If you are a LinkedIn Member, please show your support by following the
company page and sharing the page to your contacts

Hot also has a Discussion Group


This Group is not intended to replace the main Hot List, rather it is
intended as a mechanism to reach out and engage with Humanitarian and
Mapping Professionals all over the world as well as promoting HOT
Activities and events

Again, please join the group and share it with all your contacts.

We are excited about this New LinkedIn Presence!

LinkedIn has a reach that extends to millions of professionals world wide
and we look forward to engaging with people from all over the world and
showcasing our work.


Mark Cupitt

"If we change the world, let it bear the mark of our intelligence"

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