[HOT] Difficulty with the Task Manager

Suzan Reed suzan at suzanreed.com
Mon Jul 6 21:19:37 UTC 2015

Tried again a few minutes ago and all is golden. Thanks to everyone for your help. Hopefully others will find a seamless experience from now on. 


On Jul 6, 2015, at 2:00 PM, Tom Taylor wrote:

At one point the system was using the loopback address (, I think), and I had to do something with the firewall to allow it. Maybe that has happened again.


On 06/07/2015 4:24 PM, Suzan Reed wrote:
> Thanks, Blake. I cleared all the cookies in both browsers last night. I've switched to Chrome and it's remembering that I'm already logged in. However, there's a long delay before I can access the map.
> My concern is that mappers who aren't as determined are going to give up and go away if they run into this login problem, have to clear cookies, and so on. There's no information in the Tasking Manager that it is updated and what to expect.
> On Jul 6, 2015, at 1:11 PM, Blake Girardot wrote:
> I would try clearing all your cookies for the Tasking Manger and the main openstreetmap.org website if you haven't tried that yet.
> cheers,
> blake
> ...

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