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My name is Alexis Martin and I'm a writer working with Stamen Design
<http://www.stamen.com/> on a project based on Field Papers
<http://fieldpapers.org>. Stamen has hired me to assemble a photo and map
atlas of people mapping their worlds today, based on Field Papers. This
would include stories of Field Papers users, images of their mapping
processes and the maps they have created. We imagine the atlas would
showcase mapping projects through a two page spread: one side would have an
image of people mapping, and the other would have an image of the map(s)
they have created, with a long narrative caption underneath telling the
story of their goals and processes. Right now we are working to collect a
dozen or so of these stories and images for inclusion in a proposal that we
will use to gauge interest in the idea with agents and publishers.

I'm writing to the HOT mailing list to solicit interest in this project
among Field Papers users. To participate, all I would need would be 30-60
minutes of your time for a phone interview about your mapping project and
any images of the mapping process and the maps you've created. We want to
include stories about all kinds of mapping projects from around the world,
so don't hesitate to be in touch no matter your location and the content of
your work.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request and I hope to hear
from those of you who are interested in being involved!

With best wishes,


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*Twitter: @lexo619*

*"Knowledge and comprehension are the joy and justification of humanity." -
Alexander von Humboldt, *Kosmos, *1845.*
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