[HOT] Highway classification in West Africa

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 19:28:39 UTC 2015

I know we have discussed this at length and probably every one is a little
tired of the discussion but it appears we have some dissenting views.

As far as I'm concerned when I validate I do not want to get into a
discussion on whether a highway is paved and covered in dust, unpaved,
etc.  I'm more concerned about is there a highway there or not.  I simply
accept what the tags say.

The major highways I think may get mistagged occasionally but my
expectation is the locals or someone will come along and retag them with
the appropriate name etc. primary etc.  Most major highways will have been
tagged before HOT starts tiling over the top and the tags will remain

To me if something is tagged unclassified or track it depends more on where
it is going to.  My understanding is track goes purely to a field.  If a
mapper tags one way or another I'm not too concerned.  If the highway is
within a settlement then it gets tagged highway=residential rather than
unclassified but I can live with unclassified.

We have had a discussion on paths, and the fact they are sometimes used by
small motorcycles.

I also accept that others may have mapped directly into OSM and these may
include locals.  I have no way of knowing other than inspecting the author
of each whatever.  These may not have been tagged according to HOT
recommendations.  I will replace highway=pedestrian and highway=footway in
rural areas with highway=path.

If there is any dissension from this can we discuss it again and come to a
conclusion? Remembering that quite a few tiles have been done according to
the above.

Many thanks

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