[HOT] Collapsible tree visualisation of the OSM stack

Christophe Rodier christophe.rodier at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 20:21:07 UTC 2015


I've built something that I think/hope could be useful when HOT and/or
Missing Maps do a little intro about what OSM is during their workshops.
It's a collapsible tree visualisation of the OpenStreetMap stack to present
the components "OSM world".

You can find it here <http://threefiftythree.com/osmtree/index.html>:
and the code is on GiHub: <http://bit.ly/1dP7gcL>

[image: Images intégrées 1]

It's made with D3 and json. For now it's only in English, but I'm hoping
some people will volunteer to translate it in more languages.

Hope you'll find it useful.

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