[HOT] Mobile Offline Data Collection Project

Ragi Burhum ragi at burhum.com
Fri Jul 31 19:47:54 UTC 2015

Hello all,

I wanted to reach our and first say *thank you* for all the work done by
the HOT team. I am one of those fans that lurks around and tells people
about OSM, but usually stays away from the mailing lists.

Additionally, my team at AmigoCloud and myself have been doing a lot of
work around mobile offline data collection. Personally, I have been writing
code for this (proprietary) mobile offline data collection tool for about
5+ years. Although I believe the application would be extremely useful for
doing offline data capture during disasters, the app is proprietary. A lot
of the components that we use are from Open Source projects we contribute
to, yet we still have components that are proprietary within our

I want to change that.

For the past few months, the team has been working to move proprietary
components out and replacing them with Open Source equivalents. The goal is
to create a mobile offline data collection library that can be used by
others build offline data collection applications that are truly cross
platform. It is our way to saying thank you to the different communities
that have enabled us to build a business around them.

The following video shows how the current incarnation of the proprietary
application: http://bit.ly/amigomobile60s

Features include:

- Point/Line/Polygon/Multi* data collection
- Works offline in vector and raster format
- Tiles rendered from OSM data
- WMS support
- Automatically syncing of deltas
- Automatic Syncing of forms
- Automatic Syncing of styling
- Automatic conflict reconciliation
- Automatic online/offline detection
- Elevation Support
- 3D Visualization system with Native Platform that supports GPU rendering
- Customizations of forms through HTML and JS
- Cross platform (iOS / Android / Windows / Linux / OSX)
- On device Vector based styling
- ESRI Support (relationship classes, domains, etc)
- GDAL support

The goal has always been to reduce long workflows that are encountered by
other projects/solutions. In my personal opinion, the time it takes to put
data *into* the mobile device and to get it *out* and syncing with the rest
of the data is usually unnecessarily long.

Would there be any interest from anyone in this list to using/customizing
this for a HOT use case? What would you like to see from a fully open
source offline mobile data collection platform?

Thank you again for all the great work both during and before/after
disasters happen.

- Ragi
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