[HOT] Questions regarding metrics from taskprojects, tasks and volunteers.

Milo van der Linden milo at dogodigi.net
Thu Jun 4 22:34:59 UTC 2015

Hello fellow humanitarian mappers,

Today I attended a missingmaps event in the Netherlands. With my
OpenStreetMap experience and HOT task experience, I was asked to give some
hands on instructions, and I helped out in the classrooms.

There where approx. 40 people present, mapping tasks 1076 and parts of 1077
on the task manager.

During the event I was approached by people from the Dutch Red Cross. They
had a question.

When we roughly devide Humanitarian mapping in pre and post crisis efforts,
the Dutch Red Cross is particulary interested in pre crisis taskprojects.
They are looking for information that provides them with insight on optimal
size and scope of taskprojects. The reason they want to get this insight is
that with urgent crisis events, mappers (as myself) are possibly motivated
by the direct impact in situ. In pre-crisis situations, this motivation is
harder to define and you want to find a mode where you can trigger people
to participate without them losing interest before the taskprojects are
done leaving the relief organisation with gaps in the information. The
Dutch Red Cross operates in 17 countries. They have a lot of small projects
(like vacination programs). They would like to reach out to the HOT
community without stressing valuable volunteer efforts, trying to reach
optimal result for their spatial data needs.

Can any of you help me with the following questions:

1. In pre-crisis taskprojects; Do you think it is important to have a
person or organisation publishing announcements and "attracting" volunteers
to a task?
2. Is there a way to get (a rough estimate) on time volunteers spend on a
3. Is there a (rough estimate) on the number of objects (nodes, ways,
relations) an average volunteer produces during a task?
4. Do you think it would be possible, given the size of a geographic "area
of interest" to estimate how many volunteers and/or mapping days would be
required to succesfully complete a taskproject?

I appologize up front for possible "blunt" questions or the way I write
this; I am no native english speaker.

Any suggestions, hints or insights are highly appreciated!

Kind regards,

 [image: http://www.dogodigi.net] <http://www.dogodigi.net>
*Milo van der Linden*
web: dogodigi <http://www.dogodigi.net>
tel: +31-6-16598808
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