[HOT] Questions regarding metrics from taskprojects, tasks and volunteers.

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What you'd really like is a group of motivated people who could be trained
in slow time to do the basics and would be available when we needed to grow
rapidly.  Could the NGOs help?  They have mapping they would like done
pre-crisis perhaps we could tap into people who make donations to them etc.
and teach them to map.

Cheerio John

On 5 June 2015 at 18:59, Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> Suzan,
> Good marketing stuff would bring in more people. As the Nepal response
> showed, it is important first to be ready to receive a massive contribution
> from people that dont know yet OpenStreetMap.
> We also need to look at better monitoring the various mapathons organized,
> to assure that the trainees receive sufficient support. The mapathon
> organizers should also be careful to not add a burden to the Coordination
> team by having hundred of new contributors in one mapathon.
> Pierre
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> Your excellent response noted a number of things I've noticed as a new
> comer.
> It is not always clear that mapping helps. Stating "your contribution
> helps real people in this crisis" or "your contribution helps save lives"
> is focused and to the point. I don't see that on any of the landing pages
> (home pages) of any of the learning or OSM materials. When someone knows
> what they do has a direct impact on people on the ground, it is much more
> engaging and urgent. Having someone adept at writing PR, marketing, and
> communications materials would be so helpful to the organization. It's a
> skill not many have.
> Suzan
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