[HOT] Customizable OSM editor

Thomas Tolloschek cadderly at lumpaczik.org
Sun Jun 7 10:52:01 UTC 2015

Hi althio, Hi Suzan,

Since I was on holidays for the last 2 weeks my considerations where
mostly theoretical.

I ruled out JOSM because users have to download and configure settings.
So I settled for webbased editors.
From the current established editors that would be potlatch and ID.
I wanted that the editor is configurable with an admin interface for
each task.
Potlatch is configured with a static xml file so you have to run an own
instance for each task thats not very comfortable.

I dont know if ID can load configurations per task out of a database
since I dont have any experience with ID.

The vision in the back of my head is something like
extjs/geoext/openlayers (Maybe thats not the best solution).

But I wanted to start the discussion of a customisable editor first to
hear how the response for this idea is and then start a discussion about
the best technical solution.

@altio: Can you provide more information about how ID is configured?

kind regards Tom

Am 07.06.2015 um 08:41 schrieb althio:
> Hi Thomas,
> I think *most* of your requirements would be met with a specific
> instance of iD editor with customised presets (a very reduced set).
>> The avantages of such an editor would be:
>> a) No bothering with tags, comments, etc.
>> b) Reduction of the chance of duplicates. Because no elements outside
>> the task elements are allowed.
>> c) Standardisation, through predefined tags and elements
>> d) Simple to use interface for users who want to help but dont want to
>> know the in depth details. ( Those who want to know will switch to
>> another editor anyway)
>> e) optional integrated help
>> f) automatic functionality like squared buildings
> This has been experimented previously for a particular project:
> See "open source project to map all logging roads across the Congo
> Basin Rainforest"
> http://loggingroads.org/ with its own integrated iD.
> I love the idea and it would be great to have a person/team to run
> some dry tests in HOT context.
> Cheers
> - althio

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