[HOT] HOT Tagging - Temporary Working Group - please join

Blake Girardot blake.girardot at hotosm.org
Mon Jun 15 15:18:05 UTC 2015

Hi all,

https://groups.google.com/a/hotosm.org/d/forum/tagging (no google
email required)

As has been discussed, we have been working to revise some of the tag
we use for our mapping.

The main topic is the "Humanitarian Data Model" often called HDM,
which is a collection of tags we feel are important to humanitarian
response and mapping and for rendering on maps or including in
exported data.

For the most part that current list of tags is quite good, a few
missing here and there, but over all well done and well used.

That core set of tags will need to be reviewed in light of several
years of HOT mapping to see what additions it needs or what tags will
need to be reconsidered as part of the HDM.

The other main issue we will be tackling are what I have been calling
'transient' tags. Tags which reflect reality on the ground, but that
we know will change at some point in the future (everything will
change eventually of course :)

These tags are primarily damage related tags, but also include things
like IDP or other camps, landslide areas, flood inundation areas,
wildfire burn areas, etc.

So, we need people who would like to think about the subtle and not so
subtle affects of tagging, how tags are used for rendering or data
export, how the lifecycle of tags progresses, review processes,
international standards for tagging or grading, etc.

We need all the thoughtful people we can get so we can get a really
good schema that is easy to maintain and flexible for the future.

We expect to have several international organizations that specialize
in emergency mapping joining as well, so it will be a good opportunity
to learn from professionals from around the world involved in very
similar activities to HOT's.

Please follow the above link and join the email list, more info will
be posted there.

Blake Girardot
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Vice President, HOT Board of Directors
skype: jblakegirardot

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