[HOT] Landslides in Salgar, Colombia, needs your help

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Thu Jun 18 13:14:43 UTC 2015

Wao!  From 14% to 22% in just one day!  Thank you very much for your
continuous contributions.

Yesterday successfully pictures were taken using drones with less than
5cm/pixel (please see a sample here
<https://www.dropbox.com/s/jf6gfh30j34h8c9/hospital.JPG?dl=0>), we are now
in post process so be able to start with post-disaster imagery mapping!

Thanks again for your contribution to end ASAP with pre-disaster imagery.



Humberto Yances

2015-06-17 13:49 GMT+02:00 hyances at gmail.com <hyances at gmail.com>:

> Hi hotties!
> We need your help to end task#14 for pre-disaster map of Salgar,
> Antioquia, Colombia.
> http://tareas.openstreetmap.co/project/14
> To get more details please refer to:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2015_Salgar_Colombia_landslide
> While the population of Salgar rested on 18 May (holiday Monday), about 3
> am, the overflow of the stream La Liboriana because dammed waters after
> heavy rain (common cause of flooding in Colombia), it broke the dream of
> this community that woke up in the nightmare of a sea of watery mud that
> flooded and dragged their homes downstream. After days of intense activity
> for the rescue of lives, the official toll is 93 people dead.
> There are still disaster and new landslides risk areas unmapped, we
> receive high resolution imagery from "National Federation of Cofee" that
> cover this areas.
> Many thanks for your contribution,
> Humberto Yances
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