[HOT] GAP Analysis or Regional OSM Mapping Assessment

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Ok, sorry about that Samuel; I think there was probably some difficulty understanding the question, and it is difficult to answer.


If I understood correctly, you are looking to analyze the ‘completeness’ of features like the road network.  This can be done with Geographic Information System applications, but I don’t do that type of work much anymore, so I won’t pretend I can give you good instructions.  However, there may be a larger issue – in order to do that analysis you would need a complete dataset to compare the OSM dataset against.  Maybe there is Nigeria government data, but in general if you had a figure, such as “there are X million kilometers of road in Kano State – then you could compute the amount in OSM and have such figure.  Even more difficult, but not impossible – there is something similar for comparing united states tiger data to OSM – is to actually be able to show on a map where there is ‘gaps’.


Hope that helps and/or gives a better idea for what you are looking for and maybe who can help you achieve that.



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Hi Russell,


No. I haven't heard from anyone yet. 




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Hi Samuel,


I was gone all last week, so just seeing this email – did someone already answer you?




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Hello House,


I would like to know if there is a way, tool, method or any service that one can you to assess the amount of mapping that has been done for a region so as to plan further mapping. For example, i want to plan how to complete road mapping on OSM for Kano State, Nigeria, is there any tool or service or method i can use to assess the amount of work has been done already for Kano? Simply put may be any service that can give statistic of percentage completion or summary of work done  for road or other features to be mapped.


I understand there is a similar service on Task Manager but i need such from the OSM database side because on Task Manager, one can create multiple tasks for e.g Kano which does give you the true picture.


Will be expecting your assistance.


Samuel Aiyeoribe

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