[HOT] OSM coverage in Nigeria

ADEYEMO AYODELE OBA christad92 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 07:53:30 UTC 2015


I am a geogeek from Nigeria and I have been working with a couple of great
guys on a project. Details on www.opendata.com.ng.  We are building a
repository for both geospatial and non geospatial data in Nigeria and to do
these we've been engaged in building a network of national volunteers that
work to gather data across communities. We are very interested in working
with organizations on a mutual basis and we are more than honoured to
express our desire to work with the osm team in ensuring that the wealth
of  data (geospatial and non geospatial) is gathered.
We recognize the credible works of Ehealth Nigeria and we are very
interested in working with them but we need to know the level of engagement
of osm in Nigeria so that we can decide on the work map and strategy.
We are working at launching by next month precisely 10-11 and we will be
opening people up to ways to contribute to their communities through
collaborative data collection with special focus on osm and hotosm.

Thanks ahead,


Ayodele Oba ADEYEMO
Geogeek, GIS and Mapping Expert, Data Analyst
Open Data Advocate
Twitter: @iyoaye
Facebook : christad92
 Support project NODA. You can work with us as a volunteer by registering
at www.bit.ly/NodaVolunteer or follow us on Twitter @opendata_ng
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