[HOT] Drones imagery for post-disaster and development mapping

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Fri Jun 26 17:56:55 UTC 2015

Hi hotties!

First, I just want to share this two links about Salgar post-disaster
imagery using drones:

(in spanish)

16 articulated institutions (and counting) made (in general) mapping Salgar
possible, from flight tickets to aerial pictures!  This as a result of two
main objectives for this activation: 1) strength number of qualified
mappers and; 2) strength relationships with national institutions in

Second, based on (beginning) experience, drones are suitable for
small/medium disaster areas (~10 --> 50 KM2) and for long duration mapping
projects (for disaster or development).  For disaster situation with
irregular and unstable terrain, rotor/copter drones could work better; for
development mapping, fix wings drones like Aero-M (3D-Robotics), could do
the job with less time and effort.

The press article in El Espectador focus on drones security regulations,
for Salgar, first attempt was aborted because President of Colombia visit
to the disaster place (a town where previous Colombia President, Alvaro
Uribe Vélez rise up), despite civic resources were spent, the on filed team
had support for crisis management institutions and for the time of the
drone flight President still doesn't arrive! So, the question is about how
this regulations must be shaped for crisis mapping situations.


Humberto Yances
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