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John, I found two areas with one or two buildings that were not mapped.  For the rest, as Blake said, these seem to be just some artifact.
But we should understand what are the objectives of such mapping. The international organizations are helping to rebuild the health system and assure better sanitation conditions. With all the health ressources allocated to the Ebola outbreak, a lot of other sickness were not adressed. 

The objective of the mapping  is to help MSF planning their visit in the area, to assure that basic preventions are maintained and support their basic sanitation needs. Villages / hamlets and roads connecting to these settlements are the priority of the mapping. If we miss some more isolated housings, I dont think that this is really a problem. The same with all the paths in the farms.

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Hi John,

I don't see any unmapped buildings. There was one hut that I mapped.

I suspect all those bare spots in the fields are just some artifact of 
how they are farmed, it didn't look to me like there were buildings in 

I tend to agree there are probably paths all along those fields.

Someone with more specific knowledge of farming in coastal water areas 
like that can enlighten us I am sure.



On 3/4/2015 8:49 PM, john whelan wrote:
> There appear to be fields with buildings in the middle.  I strongly
> suspect the fields have paths round the outside but I'm not sure.  Could
> some one take a look please and if they are how should they be mapped?
> Thanks John
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