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I saw that too, not sure who ‘declined to be interviewed’, maybe they just did not know who to contact. In the future anyone who gets asked but doesn’t feel comfortable please have the reporter contact either info at hotosm.org or communications at hotosm.org – we should be able to fulfill most requests (except maybe those with extremely short timeframes).





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Thanks Russell,


A good article but it would have been good to have the opportunity to provide them some infos.


How did we missed being interviewed? I dont remember to have seen such request.  Was this followed to me?





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Hello everyone,


Just got a notice to check out this article: http://trajectorymagazine.com/government/item/1908-an-unprecedented-response.html - haven’t read through its entirety yet, but it seems to capture a lot of the things we’ve been talking about in regards to how our work during this Ebola crisis has made a huge impact in the response. Great job everyone!




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