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Mark Cupitt markcupitt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 05:54:20 UTC 2015

Dear All, I am very happy to see folks, like Sev, Russ, Heather, Joseph and
Dale seeking nomination. The caliber of these folks is amazing and it
encouraged me to make a decision I have been mulling for a week or so now.

So here is my Board Statement.

*Mark Cupitt*
*HOT BOARD Statement*

When Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda pounded the Philippines in 2013, I was 54,
unemployed, out of money with a family to feed and had a 14 year old
daughter to educate and bring up. The typhoon passed about 100 km north of
where we live and we saw no adverse effect from it, unlike the many, many
unfortunate people who suffered.

I was in quite a state of depression about my circumstances, so, with my
families support and agreement, I jumped on my motor bike, taking a large
portion of the remaining cash that we had and headed up to Panay (Central
Philippines) to help those even less fortunate that we were. I was a stroke
of fortune to meet a small group of Expatriates who were spending their own
resources getting out to the people and offering help with shelter and
assistance. This group was called PRAY. WOW, what an experience! People far
worse off than I were were smiling and happy to see us! It was a tremendous
boost to me personally and help me redefine my view of what needed to be
done in the world. The basics in life are what is important, not the
luxury's we are all so used to.

I learnt very quickly, especially when digging a 10 Ton truck out of the
mud because you "thought" you were going in the right direction, the value
of up to date maps for a disaster area and I started looking around for
options and stumbled upon HOT. What a surprise for me. WOW, again, I fell
in love with the concept on the spot.

Fast forward until the present time frame, I am, what I consider to be, a
very active part of the HOT community. I have actively contributed in
Activation Coordination, HOT Mail List Management, multiple Working Groups
as well as ongoing software Development.

I became a HOT Voting member very recently. I considered seeking nomination
in 2014, but thought that I was quite "young" in the HOT community and
wanted to gain more experience in the community ideals and operation before
taking that step..

My background is very diverse, I originally studied Surveying in 1977, am a
PADI Master Instructor, Commercial Pilot and have had a lot of experience
at the CEO and General Manager Levels. I have been the President of a very
large Chamber of Commerce, COO of an airport, COO of Hotel Chains and was,
most recently, the General Manager of a company that manufactured aircraft
with over 200 employees at its peak.

I have lived and worked in the Philippines for over 20 years. There are a
many unique challenges in being a long term expatriate which require an
understanding of different cultures. Meeting these challenges requires a
willingness to be creative and flexible in approaching people and issues
and, of course, always maintaining a nice warm smile, what ever the

I see that no dramatic changes in mission or vision are needed, rather a
consolidation of direction, and provision of stability are needed to
capitalize on the previous fantastic efforts of the HOT Board

The key areas I would like to focus on are as follows:


I would like to build a more effective means of communication to all Voting
Members and the Volunteer Community. Effective, two way information flow is
the key to good decision making at all levels


HOT is a technology based organization. I want to oversee the
implementation of a set of standards for the future tools we develop. I
want to develop tools that make the work HOT does more effective

*Working Groups*

I wish to find a way to encourage more active participation in Working
Groups, especially with the time zone issues that apply to a world wide
organization trying to meet and make decisions.
I want to empower Working Groups to make decisions and formalize a simple
process for implementation and approvals using technology.

*Field Projects*

I want to expand HOT'S involvement with Field Projects and support of
communities undertaking this work. Provision of inexpensive GPS units on a
borrowed or loan/buyout basis for mapping communities will improve HOT's
ability to provide preparedness mapping in communities where it is badly


I want to formalize the Activation Process with Partners and the HOT
Community. I also want to improve the ability of Partners and the Community
to see the status of mapping efforts and solicit input directly to the
people coordinating an Activation.

I also want to structure the training and development of new Activation
Coordinators with Mentor based approach, with a formalized "career path"
based on Coordination experience.

I also want to find a way to support the existing few coordinators in their
work and contributions and help keep that knowledge and experience
available to new coordinators as they are trained.

I am seeking your Nomination to the HOT board. I originally had not
considered the idea, but seeing the exponential growth of HOT as an NGO and
Volunteer Community I believe that, with my business experience and my
passion for HOT's goals, I can make a very real contribution to the
strategic positioning of HOT, not only as an organization and world wide
community or volunteers but in the Humanitarian Community as a whole. When
I see the caliber of the nominees so far, I believe that the capabilities
and skills available will directly contribute to HOT's continued success
and growth.

Thank you for your time in reading this and your consideration.


Mark Cupitt

"If we change the world, let it bear the mark of our intelligence"

See me on Open StreetMap <https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Mark_Cupitt>
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