[HOT] Suggestion needed: Household level OSM in Bangladesh

Ahasanul Hoque hoque.ahasan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 17:28:09 UTC 2015

Hello dear Mappers,
Hope you all are doing great. I need a kind suggestion from you guyz.

Last week I facilitated a OSM training at Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
(BBS) which is the is the only national Statistical institution responsible
for collecting, compiling and disseminating statistical data of all the
sectors of the Bangladesh economy to meet and provide the data-needs of the
users and other stake holders  like national level planners and other
agencies of the Govt. Under the auspices of the computer wing of BBS, a
development project entitled *"Strengthening Capacity of BBS in Population
and Demographic Data Collection Using GIS"* is being implemented. The
objective is to prepare digital enumeration area maps for conducting
various censuses and surveys, aiming to reduce non-sampling errors.

I introduced them with OSM, now they want to do a piloting. In that case
some issues arise like, *How should the House/building draw: rectangle or
as a point ? *since, In JOSM based task mapping each households mapping is
difficult.and during field paper mapping to draw the exact shape is
difficult. That is why people are suggesting to map the households as point
not rectangle.

Would you please suggest me *what should I do in this case from their
experience (if have) ? It is very important for OSM, if we can make it
successful then whole Bangladesh will be mapped in future by BBS.*

Thanks in Advance.

Ahasanul Hoque

*GIS & Data Mgt SpecialistWSP, **The World Bank.*
MSc in RS and GIS | AIT, Thailand. MSc. in Env. Science| KU, Bangladesh.
*Diploma in Disaster Mgt & Humanitarian Response* |
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