[HOT] Seeking nomination for the board elections

Jorieke Vyncke jorieke.vyncke at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 10:12:34 UTC 2015

Hi all,

After seeing all the discussions, mails and reflecting a long time, I
finally decided.

To run.

Not to run away, but to run for the board.

In my eyes the heart of HOT is the community, not the board. Because in the
community, that’s where things are happening: all the remote volunteers
mapping for an ebola task, people on a Missing Maps Mapathon, data
collection with motorbikes by the Togolese OSM-community, translating
LearnOSM into Indonesian, giving a presentation on a conference, coding to
improve the Tasking Manager, … and this to work towards our common goal of
humanitarian aid and local development everywhere in the world.

This is what the board in my eyes needs to facilitate, to support and to
make decisions towards.

How would I try to work towards this as a board member?

   - We need to support local OSM-communities in every way we can. This, by
   among others setting up projects to support and create local OSM
   communities everywhere in the world. Big budget, but also very low budget.

   - We need to support individual and group projects popping up in our
   HOT-community. Some magnificent examples: MapLesotho, Missing Maps, Projet
   EOF, Mapazonia, … This we can do by sharing the tools we made, exchanging
   ideas and sharing advice, knowledge and experiences.

   - We need to give the membership and the broader HOT community a bigger
   voice by more transparency and the creation of discussion on the direction
   and vision of HOT. Democracy is more than a yearly election.

   - We need to outreach more towards atypical mapper profiles, like mine.
   In addition to the development of tools and software, we need to stimulate
   and support the organization of social mapping events. In this way we can
   create a bigger diversity in our community.

My vision on what direction the board has to go, flows directly out of my
experiences of volunteering remotely, but most important out of my
experiences of going and mapping on the field. I did several field trips
the last three years, to build and support local OSM communities in the
Central African Republic, Cameroun, Senegal, DRC and Bangladesh [1]. This
resulted also in a good knowledge of the field of humanitarian and
development organizations: big international NGOs and local universities,
organisations of the UN-system and small local associations …. Isn’t this
an advantage to have in the board too? Further I will be based in Africa
the next one or two years. I’m leaving in a big week for Mali to work as a
GIS officer for the Belgian Development Agency. So I’ll have the
opportunity not only being a HOT volunteer, but also using the data we
create and giving feedback from a user side.

Now you know a little bit more what you will get if I’m elected. :-)

I know I’m a little late with presenting myself, but you still have some
time to ask me everything you want (the last day of the election is the 27th
of march). Also after the election I’m open for discussions, questions and
just chatting, because this is how we move forward!


[1] More on my OSM profile <http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Jorieke%20V>
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