[HOT] 907 Malawi Floods 2015

Andrew Patterson andrewvhp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 17:20:41 UTC 2015

I currently working in Task 241 and would welcome some advice about tagging
or even plotting a feature.

Running more or less across the middle of the Task square is a very wide
and meandering feature, which if it had been full of water, I would have
identified as a river.  Having followed the discussion on Wadis and looking
at the JOSM reference, it would appear that I should be using the tag
waterway = river; intermittent = yes.  However, I notice that it some
places the bed of this feature is under cultivation, and assume therefore
that its inundation is very intermittent.

Given the reason for the mapping it feels as though this feature ought to
be highlighted, not least because if the area is flooded, this feature
could be considerably deeper than the surrounding area.

Is it valid to tag it both in terms of an intermittent waterway, and also
under cultivation ?

As an aside - I was curious that in the Wadi debate the word "Donga" never
came up.  I had been familiar with this work in South Africa - the
dictionary gives its definition as a washed out gulley and its origin as
Afrikaans but borrowed from a pre-bantu source.



Andrew Patterson

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