[HOT] What I want from HOT (was: Re: Let's make the most of this)

althio althio.forum at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 23:17:29 UTC 2015

> Dear everyone,
> Let me kickstart this.  First, no, I’m not running for the board, but
> here’s what I want HOT to aspire for in the future.

Good ones, Maning! Very inspiring.
Here is my brain dump of ideas, wishes, concerns and requests. No
priorities either. Not a complete assessment, just my point of view.

What I want from the Board:
A global overview of the running organisation.
A strategic view of the key positions and organisation bottlenecks.
A clear roadmap and to-do list of most-needed actions, most-wanted
features, most-blocking blockers. Directions. Priorities. Guidance.
Decision to allocate efforts and money where it helps the most. With
open decisions, always motivated; open debate whenever it is possible,
open budget. Transparent. Reports. Feedback.

What I want from the Board and/or Governance WG:
Board rotating, eg. 2 seats every 6 months, 2-year term.
For all processes including nomination and vote for board and
membership: clear requirements, extended periods, no rush. eg.
announcement, 1 month for nomination, 1 month for discussion, 1 month
for vote.

What I want from Projects and Working groups:
Project manager(s) collecting, organising ideas and proposing to-do
lists so that more contributors can help without having to figure out
the entire organisation or project structure and needs. More

I would like to see more collaborative work done by online text pads,
more exchanges on WG email lists, more polls and decisions and reports
with collaborative online tools.
There is a wide diversity of languages, a range of language
proficiency, time zones, personal time availability, limited network
What kind of diversity do we want in the Working Groups?

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