[HOT] Conflicts of Interest

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Thu Mar 12 16:40:44 UTC 2015

> I believe conflicts should be handled in the follow 2 basic ways.
> 1. Potential conflicts should be talked about and acknowledged well
> before any actual conflicts arise.
> 2. Board members should completely recuse themselves from any
> conversation. They should not listen to or be a part of the conversation
> during any activities where a conflict exist.

Yep. Those are the rules. It's quite difficult to follow if the topic about which you have a conflict of interest, is something coming up a lot in board discussions. So in your case Dale, if the board were needing to discuss ARC a lot, then you might have to recuse yourself a lot. That's a bit awkward but not impossible.

We found it very difficult in the past having HOT paid staff members on the board, particularly as they didn't always seem to understand and accept these rules. I guess it was understandable that they wanted to take strategic decisions about the projects and parts of the organisation which most effected them and their (HOT staff) work.

Can be tricky.

> As such I'll be posting my conflicts to the Board Election Wiki
> and encourage others to do the same.

I called mine a "Declaration of interests" and linked it off my user page rather than off the elections wiki (but that's partly because, I was *on* the board when I wrote it. Also it serves just as well as a declaration for anyone looking at me as a OSMF CWG member)


Maybe that's useful as a template. Direct financial interests (who pays you) is the most important thing for people to be aware of, but I tried to think of other affiliations I have which might conflict. I also noted when it was last updated, since this information can obviously go out of date.


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