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And before giving the relay to others
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We still have fragmented infos from Vanuata. 
For this Class 5 cyclone (highest level), as powerful as the Haiyan Typhoon in Philippines, winds over 330 km/h and waves over 7 meters high have been reported (France Tv).
>From Vanuatu, Australian Red Cross workers have tweeted unbelievable destruction. Whole villages have been flattened.

 Baldwin Lonsdale, the president of Vanuatu, assisting at the Sendai, Japan conference, appealed to the international community to support the Vanuatu population in response to such a calaminity.

This 800 km long archipel have a population of 270,000 persons spread in a multitude of islands.

A first report from UNICEF reports 44 deaths in the Penama province (33,000 people).
Going further south, the cyclone passed closer to Port Vila then was expected.  More then 2,000 people took refuge in shelters. 

Note that with the communication cuts, it can take days before we have an exact picture of this disaster.

more infoshttp://www.stuff.co.nz/world/south-pacific/67366444/Cyclone-Pam-hits-Vanuatu-Death-tally-begins

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