[HOT] Identification of Communication towers

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 13:03:31 UTC 2015

Hi Martin,

These are challenging to spot and hard to tag correctly without local 
knowledge I just discovered.


I usually find towers by seeing the shadow they cast, that is the big 
indicator to me.

Here are a few examples in the region:


If you look very carefully at the shadow you can see the microwave 
transceiver drums in the shadow. I would guess that is what helped the 
person identify this one as a "communications" tower specifically.



That one again, shows the shadow being a pretty big factor. And it also 
show a typical service road and pad. I do not know how the mapper knew 
it was a communications tower.



Shadow and microwave drums visible



Shadow and service area fenced off.



A nice big TV transmission tower.

I hope those help!


On 3/15/2015 11:37 AM, spatialbits wrote:
> Hi hotties,
> as part of tasks #944/943 (Vanuatu) mapping of Communication towers is
> requested.
> Could someone point me to an example in the imagery (e.g. lat/lon), so I
> get an idea on what to look for.
> Thanks.
> Martin
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