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Thanks Rob
With the dense forests, we can sometimes see partial roofs, which let us confirm various isoleted residential areas.  In general, this is probably metallic roofs. I have not spot any huts so far or more traditionnal housings in these areas.

To document the mapping, it would greatly help to have pictures.
The international charter just activated and this should provide us new imagery.  

It is important for us to have feedbacks from the field about the work we do, the places where people think we should revise.


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Important aspect of remote islands is indigenous tribes with non-Western housing.  Likely not visible on satellite. High vulnerability.  Needs local knowledge to identify locations. 
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Some follow-up
Remote response support is moving fast as humanitarians organizations are still trying to assess the situation and deploy in the various remote areas, with islands spread 650 km long.
As usual, we have a Skype communication room where we coordinate with the DHNetwork partners and the international community.

Again, the international community is impressed by the rapid OSM response and the detailed data. The building task is nearly at 90% completed. Awesome again! But we still need your input to complete and validate.http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/945

The World Food Program (UN WFP) plan to use our data as their team are deploying. Communication towers is also a concern for them with all the communications cut. We shoul receive databases to compare with OSM and try to find more Communication towers.

Thanks to Blake who work hard to setup the Daily data export and add the ESRI Shapefile format.Thanks also to Mikel for the communication tower mapping documentation.

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