[HOT] San Diego + Chicago Mapathon this Saturday

Cristiano Giovando cristiano.giovando at hotosm.org
Wed Mar 25 02:18:21 UTC 2015

Hello Hotties,

We are having a dual-mapathon this Saturday, March 28th. It will be
hosted at the Red Cross offices of San Diego and Chicago, starting at
9:30AM PDT.

If anyone in either city is interested to join, please get in touch
with me. More details can be found on the event flier posted here:

We will also need some remote assistance from HOT/OSM expert mappers.
Let me know if you would be around IRC or Skype between 16:30-19:00
UTC on Saturday and might be able to help.

Dale and Pete mentioned that they may have some specific tasks for us,
but if you have other priorities you would like us to focus on, please
let me know.



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