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         Because we don't know for sure if these structures are 
houses, we just tag them as "Building." Something the size of a house 
could be Siddharta's Car Repair, so we're safest with "Building."

         Could be a huge boulder, but, if it's rectangular, that's 
unlikely. Most likely, if it's square or rectangular, it's a 
building. Also, if you look for shadows along the edge, sometimes you 
can see that it's about one story tall and has a straight roofline.

         I doubt there are many triangular buildings. Yes, change those.

         Try to do the exact building shape. That makes it easier for 
field teams to match actual buildings to the map. It can be a 
challenge if the building has a couple of wings and a porch, but it is helpful.

         Yes, please add the individual buildings within the 
"residential" polygon.

         Most of the Bing images are not after the earthquake. Some 
imagery is recent, notably that marked DigitalGlobe, but I'm not sure 
if it is after the earthquake. Can anyone else answer this question?

         Thanks for all your hard work.


At 04:39 PM 4/30/2015, you wrote:
>ONE  Small structures/houses
>In remote areas, lightly populated, it's difficult to see if a small 
>structure is a house or something else. I am labeling them all 
>"house". Is this correct? People live in tiny places in Nepal, less 
>that 25' square. They are hard to discern. If it looks like a 
>building, I mark it as a house. Is this good?
>TWO  Geologic structures
>It is difficult to tell geologic structures from houses in some 
>cases. I look to see if there are similar structures in the 
>landscape, if there are fields or agriculture, then mark it as a 
>house as I have been erring on the side of marking houses and having 
>people recognized as being there than not. I want everyone on the 
>map. This may mean I've made mistakes and it's a huge boulder with a 
>shadow. Comments?
>THREE  Changing others' work
>Also, some of my colleagues have marked houses with triangles, not 
>rectangles. Can I correct these?
>FOUR  Exact building shape
>Is the shape of the building important? It's often difficult to tell 
>if it's part of the house or an outbuilding or a shed near the 
>house. Knowing there are people living there seems more important, 
>but if the actual shape is important, I will go back and redo my work.
>FIVE  Residential vs. all houses marked
>Many remote villages are simply marked with a polygon Residential 
>Area. Should I add the structures to these areas?
>SIX  Up-to-date BING images?
>Also, how recent are the Bing images? In remote areas, much could 
>have been lost to landslides. I also come across areas with clouds. 
>I can go back and map these if the images are refreshed.
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