[HOT] Duties before start.

Steve Bower sbower at gmavt.net
Fri May 1 17:35:40 UTC 2015

Welcome, thanks for pitching in to help. I am also fairly new to HOT but
here are a few thoughts:

Take the tutorials before starting, and the additional training recommended
from them:

Review the validated work of others before starting, to understand what's
expected for the project. I review it in iD so I don't have to lock it from
anyone else (I use JOSM to edit).

I suggest reviewing the descriptions and instructions for several projects
in the area you've chosen (e.g., Nepal). Some project instructions are more
complete than others.

If the instructions aren't clear to you, request clarification.

Start with tiles that have fewer features to be mapped, so that you can be
validated sooner and get feedback on your work. When you check your work
back in you can leave a comment noting your are new, note anything you were
unsure of, and request feedback on your work.

Don't validate others' work - leave that to experienced mappers.

Be systematic in your review of a tile. I start with major transportation
features, then work systematically scanning the tile in columns,
top-to-bottom, then left-to-right, at a constant scale, using keyboard
shortcuts to move (Ctrl-arrow in JOSM) so that I'm sure I've covered the
complete tile.

If you are entering buildings be sure to load the buildings_tools plugin
for JOSM:

Use this mail list to ask questions as you go. Let us know what project
you're working on. If appropriate include a link (e.g., the URL in iD, or
the lat/long coordinates) to show an example.

If you're in doubt of whether you are doing something right, ask questions
first. New users can make good contributions, but some new users are
problematic and there is much debate as to how to enable new users while
assuring good quality.


On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 12:08 PM, Fátima Vale <mfgvale at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi :)
> I am beginner here (it is my first time..) I am having some doubts before
> start mapping and I need some help please.
> I have my work area and I am using JOMS. I didn't have any alert about the
> image offset. So, I can start without problems?
> Tks, :)
> Fátima
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