[HOT] Wiki: HOT UserBox

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Fri May 1 18:57:54 UTC 2015


I just realized that if you use this template on your user page, then it 
will be in the Humanitarian OSM Team category. I don't think that should 
happen and I guess with the [[Category:{{{1}}} 
Volunteers{{!}}{{PAGENAME}}]] that also was somehow the intention, but 
that doesn't work, because many people don't enter the optional parameter.

I'm not an expert with those templates, but maybe someone could edit it 
so by default it says Category: HOT volunteer and make that a sub category.
Also for the official members it might also be better to have category 
HOT board members as Humanitarian OSM Team doesn't really stand for the 

Because right now the category isn't the usefull with all the users:



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