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Adding to John,
If you did not complete the task, once you saved your edit to the database, you come back to the Task Manager and add  brief comment like newbie, just added buildings. And you click to unlock the task. This way, the contributor that later takes the task will see the infos you provided. This will help to understand what has still to be done.
Thanks for your help. I started like this in January 2010, tracing polygons around IDP informal camps in Port-au-Prince. 


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If you can use the JOSM buildings plugin and just do buildings for the moment that would be a great help.  There are a lot of buildings to do and they are simple with the tool.

buildings_tool JOSM edit menu, preferences, fourth tab down for plugins, then look for buildings_tool, tick the box then update plugins.  To use it type b then click the mouse on a corner, move to the second corner, click, move to the next corner click and you're done, a perfectly mapped building.

Cheerio John

On 1 May 2015 at 19:17, laura brittain <l.n.brittain at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi,I'm limiting my newbie mapping in Nepal tasks to things that seem simple. But I don't want to confuse things with bad data.After reading comments in the hotlist, I'm sticking to white squares. Is it advisable to go ahead with:Finding and marking individual buildingsIdentifying bridgesMarking paths from roads to buildings?These are the only things I can do without guessing, so I stick to them.
Also, It isn't clear how to label bridges. I couldn't find the dropdowns for highway that were suggested in the instructions.Also, does it help to mark a path that seems to disappear in trees? Some of these buildings are isolated and I thought it would help toshow the part of the path that's clearly visible, if there's no other access, but not sure.
Like a lot of people who are new, I really want to help. Please advise.
Thank you.

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