[HOT] Newbie: Maps closer than 500 ft are blurry

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sat May 2 22:00:31 UTC 2015


These are assembly of mutlitude of images. The satellites pass day after day, taking images of new bands. The quality vary from one band to the other. Also, there where no high-res imagery a few years ago. The imagery company like DigitalGlobe have a program to provide new high-res imagery. Bing / Microsoft is adding continously new images. 

When you encounter a spot like this using Bing where you cannot go under 500-600 meters, this means that there is no high-res imagery. You second chance is to validate if there is Mapbox highres. 

If nto, then you simply 
1. add a note : No highres imagery 
2. click to confirm that the square as completed.

We should be able to analyse the contributor comments to spot these areas.
Thanks for your contribution.

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 Objet : [HOT] Newbie: Maps closer than 500 ft are blurry
Can't get images closer than 500 ft using BING (totally pixelated) or MapBox, the only two options that show images. 

Someone with experience, please help so I can continue. 

(Using iD Editor on an old Mac that can't load JOSM.)
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