[HOT] Question on Nepal helicopter landing sites mapping

Michael ohrosm at gmail.com
Sun May 3 18:47:54 UTC 2015

Am 03.05.2015 um 19:50 schrieb Pierre BĂ©land:
> Yes please only for official sites. We have to be careful to not
> indicate as an helipad if no official sign. In such cases, we use as
> a convention, leisure = common. The GIS specialists can then extract
> the info and analyze.

Pierre, thanks a lot for the clarification on this!

I also want to add to that: Please map potential landing sites 
(leisure=common) with an area of the actual shape. This should be 
helpful to analyze the sites. Basically only map circles if there 
actually is a circle on the ground.

	Michael (user Ohr)

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