[HOT] Post Earthquake imagery

Helen Tait helent55 at gmail.com
Mon May 4 05:05:37 UTC 2015

Hi all
I am new to HOTOSM but I have a background in GIS and Remote Sensing and
have done some mapping for #1018 but have also looked at #1024 post
earthquake mapping.The imagery being used for this from DG is dated
29/04/15 - it is quite incomplete and pretty cloudy. I see on the DG
website that they have released some other imagery too e.g. from 01/05/15 -
is it possible to get a URL for this too, to maybe help fill in the
cloudy/missing areas? Also, the imagery at that URL is really dark with
very poor contrast. Is it possible to get some contrast stretching done on
it to make it more useable? I presume HOT have downloaded the data and are
hosting it so it should be possible to for someone to tweak it? I would be
more than happy to help out with this kind of stuff, having worked
processing satellite imagery for a living (although I don't have access to
the range of software that I used to have).
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