[HOT] data alignment to satellite imagery

Michael Krämer ohrosm at gmail.com
Mon May 4 06:56:35 UTC 2015


for me the "gold standard" for image alignment in OSM are gpx traces with
high quality. If no traces are available - which likely applies to most of
Nepal - Bing is the standard to use. In either case adjust any other
imagery to match the alignment of the standard.

But now the limitation: Some of the imagery currently in use with HOT shows
some difference compared to Bing. But this is not a simple shift. To my
limited understanding this comes from the correction applied to the image.
Especially in mountains this is difficult - which likely is especially true
for the Himalayas. But keep the distances in mind: With high resolution
images a shift of let's say 10 m is pretty visible - but should not really
matter too much in real live.

In any case: Try to align any of your work with Bing. Leave any misaligned
data for now.

Michael (user Ohr)
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