[HOT] log-in information Digtial Globe/WV3 imagery 2015-05-3

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Mon May 4 12:37:54 UTC 2015

Hi Paolo,
There is actually loading problems on teh DG server. Jean-Guilhem is working to install a proxy on his server with a Cache This way, there will be less requests of images on the DG server.

We come back soon to you on this.
Thanks to people who helped for TM 1033. Almost completed.
Thanks for your fantastic support in this quite challenging OSM response for Nepal.  

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 Objet : [HOT] log-in information Digtial Globe/WV3 imagery 2015-05-3
Good morning, I have problems to load Digtial Globe/WV3 imagery 2015-05-3 in JOSM.7When I am loading the mentioned imagery in JOSM, it appears the windows of confirmation in order to get the satellite images but my OSM user and password don't wrong. I don't understand what is the problem because my credentials are not worng.
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