[HOT] URGENT Post-disaster Job for east of Kathmandu - For experienced mappers

Denis Carriere carriere.denis at gmail.com
Mon May 4 23:29:14 UTC 2015

Thanks Pierre for adding this task to the HOT tasking manager. I'm synced
up with relief aid programs on the ground in Kathmandu and there are still
a lot of help that needs to be done East of Kathmandu towards Chautara &

More and more helicopters are now flying in & off road vehicles are
traveling to the remote places that still have not received any aid since
the beginning of the earthquake.

To all of the HOT community & volunteers, thank you for all of the hard
dedicated work and please continue to support this Nepal activation. You
guys are really making a big difference in improving the mapping quality of
Nepal for years to come!


- Denis

Denis Carriere
Canadian Forces
GIS Project Manager
OP Renaissance Nepal 2015
OSM: @DenisCarriere
Twitter: @DenisCarriere
Email: Carriere.Denis at gmail.com
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