[HOT] Issues copy+pasting tags in iD

Arun Ganesh arun.planemad at gmail.com
Tue May 5 07:49:36 UTC 2015

We have had volunteer mappers reporting in asking how to add multiple tags
to every objects in iD:

   - landuse=brownfield
   - damage:event=nepal_earthquake_2015
   - source=DigitalGlobe, 2015-05-03

Its extremely tedious to add multiple custom tags in iD manually for every
object and we should probably update the instructions that the recommended
editor is JOSM/potlatch where one can use the copy paste tags feature. This
also needs to be mentioned in other tasks where such custom tags need to be
added as it is unreasonable to expect volunteers to be spending most of
their time typing in tags, rather than identifying features.

PS: This feature request for iD is tracked here:

 Arun Ganesh
(planemad) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Planemad>
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